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"Bigfoot Wars," "Clinger," "Dead Sea," "Spavine," "Arlington Road," "Renfield: The Un-Dead," "Boggy Creek," "Psychic Experiment," and many other movie titles have featured the work of Facades FX.

An award winning team of special make-up effects artists and creature designers with over a quarter century of professional experience, Facades Fx was founded in 1988, and is celebrating the silver anniversary in 2013.



Phil Applies Boggy Creek Creature MakeupHollywood trained and mentored by Dick Smith, the academy award winning pioneer and undisputed "Godfather of Make-up Effects", Facades FX brings the old school professional work ethic and excellence in special makeup , FX and creature artistry.


Award winning design-dracula

In 2013 Facades FX was awarded the Platinum Remi for Best Make-up and Special Effects Design for the work they did on the horror short "Legend of Goatman" at the 46th annual WORLDFEST-HOUSTON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL; and in 2011, Facades FX was awarded the Gold Remi for Best Special Effects Make-up at the 44th annual WORLDFEST-HOUSTON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL for their work in "RENFIELD: THE UNDEAD", a feature film written and produced by Phil Nichols, who also played the title role.

Since the 1980's, Facades FX lab has provided Hollywood quality special effects make-up & creature design, specialy props and production design to the creative industries of motion pictures, television, video, and live theatre.

Frankenstein Monster Design

Reel FxHalloween Industry innovators-

Facades FX is the creator of the halloween makeup product line "REEL FX", which celebrates it's 12th year on the world wide market in 2013.

With over 100 different designs in the line, Facades Fx revolutionized the pre-made latex appliance product for mass market distribution. "REEL FX" is sold world wide by Rubies Costume Co.


Professional Services Offered:

The artists of Facades FX can do virutally anything practical, so if you doboggy creek kill fx not see it listed below, please contact Facades FX and make inquiries.

Individual Services-

We offer the following indivudal services to legitimate professional clients*. Contact us for quotes.