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DraculaBust Sculptures and Limited Edition Collector's Masks - In addition to the professional creative industries work Facades FX does, for over a decade Phil Nichols produced some of the finest collectable likeness potrait busts ever created.

He is one of the top sculptors in the collector's mask/display bust community and his award winning work is famous globally. Phil Nichols' artistry as a potrait sculptor is highly celebrated. Phil with Shane Bryant and his busts

Phil began sculpting and finishing busts of Horror Movie Characters for the private collector's community in 1996.

His work is equated with world class artists such as the Late, Great Henry Alvarez, and Dr. David Lady.

Phil and Shane BryantOn a recent trip to the UK to promote the Renfield project, Phil was surprised to see two of his busts on display in the Hammer Horrors museum collection. The collection was being exhibited at the Bram Stoker International Film Festival, where the Renfield film was to have its premiere. Phil's work is recognized internationally and he is greeted with enthusastic fans wherever he goes.

Commissioned likeness portrait busts 1996-2007

collector busts group one
The Pale Man, The Monster From Hell, The Penguin, Hannibal Lecter
collector busts group two
Regan McNeal, The Ring Girl, Max Shrek, Lestat from the swamp
collector bust group3
Evil Ed, The Howling Wolf, Evil of Frankenstein
collector bust group 4
Old Dracula, Blackula, The Captive Wild Woman, Barnabas Collins
collector busts group 5
Big Bad Wolf, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Bill Murray, Linda Blair (Exorcist)

Licensed Mask Designs

feeding frenzy vlad

Death Studios-

  • Feeding Frenzy Vlad Halloween Mask -designed and sculpted.
  • Vampire Severed Head Prop -designed and sculpted
  • Labwork Halloween Mask -designed and sculpted.